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Equipped to Live with Uncertainty

Dear Friends in the Prairie Spirit Parish, I’ve been thinking about the role of uncertainty in our world and in our churches. We seem to strongly prefer a sense of daily life where we both understand what’s going on and how long that it’s going to go on. We don’t like being baffled or put on hold.

The way this health pandemic has hit us and our congregations is daunting - in affecting us physically, psycho-logically, economically, socially, and spiritually. It’s hard when the spread of a virus as well as our attempts to stop the spread of that virus or slow it down all have such devastating effects on our world.

The scriptures really help us to be equipped to live with uncertainty. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. So even there is constant change and uncertainty, we can be sure of God’s abiding presence with us. God strengthens us. God guides us. God keeps us centered in God’s Word and connected to each other.

The phone calls that leaders continue to make to our congregations’ members are reminding us how im-portant this ministry that these two churches are doing really is. Thank you for sharing your concerns and your affirmation for the work God is doing in us and among us and – sometimes – in spite of us!

It’s my prayer that you’ll turn to God in prayer in your times of uncertainty and stress. That’s what I’m do-ing!! I find that reading the Psalms is an excellent way to sense God’s loving presence and power to over-come any and all difficulties.

In terms of updates, since last week’s letter, there are not a lot of them. Both the Council of Stewards at OUMC and the Administrative Council at Dodge Center UMC have scheduled meetings this week. The SPRC from OUMC is preparing to welcome Pastor Lisa Vick to OUMC in a couple of months. The SPRC in Dodge Center UMC is a part of an interview/call process in partnership with the leaders of Trinity Lutheran Church in West Concord as they seek their next ordained leader for that ELCA/UMC parish. I anticipate that Bishop Bruce R. Ough will appoint me to serve another UMC congregation in Minnesota shortly. I’ll have the intro-ductory meeting and then if both I and the congregation in question can affirm the Bishop’s call, I’ll be head-ed there starting July 1st. God’s peace be with you! May you trust in God to calm you down in times of stress and anxiety.

If you financially able to make a donation towards the ministry of these two congregations at this time, please do so. Both the OUMC and the UMC of Dodge Center are set up to receive checks through the mail, to have these funds counted and deposited in an orderly manner. Your contributions make a difference! Scott

As we are receiving offerings/tithes at the church they are being held for bi-weekly deposit. Checks are being deposited every other week at this time. This ensures that we are meeting as little as possible during this time per the stay at home order by Governor Walz. If you have any questions please contact Paula in the office at 507-451-4734 or email at

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Birthday Parade on Thursday, April 16th. What fun to gather together at a distance in our vehicles and parade through the streets in celebration of long lives of our members. I heard the children of Nature Valley Place running through the yard saying, "Hundreds of cars are coming into the street!." A slight exaggeration!

Special thanks to Jean Krause who designed the signs of greeting and celebration. We'll save those for future events. Lorraine Bakko says she's going to make it to 101 so she can have her party next year.

We'll be ready. Participants were: Doug and Carol Harvey and Jackson Huisenga Diana Johnson Dave Kilwine Jean and Dave Krause Karen and Steve Jensen Larry and Wanda McLagan Don and Carolyn Huff Lori Huisenga Barb Green Loren Olson Derald and Linda Shaw Deb Terpstra Naomi Uber Barb Wahl Carl and Denise Wieman Thank you for your spirit and enthusiasm! Pastor Linda

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