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Palms & Easter Flower Orders

Information for palms to pass out to parishioners. Church is back in person but if there are members that cannot attend we would be happy to deliver palms to their homes. If you would like palms delivered to your home, we need your name and address along with how many palms you'd like and we'll do contact free delivery. If this is something you'd like to do please let me know as soon as possible so I can get the palms ordered. Also attached is the price list for Easter plants. The order deadline for the Easter plants is March 18th! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Easter Flowers Order Form

Order due by Thursday, March 18th

Quantity Price

6” Easter Lily $9.95 _______ _____

6” Tulip $8.95 _______ _____

6” Daffodil $8.95 _______ _____

6” Hyacinth $8.95 _______ _____

6” Kalanchoe $10.95 _______ _____

(Kalanchoe Colors: orange, pink, red, yellow, white)

6” Begonia $11.95 _______ _____

(Begonia Colors: pink, yellow, red)

6” Cyclamen $11.95 _______ _____

(Cyclamen Colors: pink, red, lavender, white)

6” Hydrangea $21.95 _______ _____

(Hydrangea Colors: blue or pink)

*If a color option is given, please circle the color you’d like.

In Memory of: __________________ Total $______

Given by: _________________________

Name ____________________ Cash____ Check___

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